It’s Okay To be In-Between: Being Homoromantic Asexual


“Being a gray ace makes me think more broadly and think of the ways to be visible in the mainstream queer movement of India where A in LGBTQIA+ is often considered Allies and not Asexual. I always find the asexual community the most inclusive community because it believes in fluidity. I am sure, nobody will tell me that I am not asexual enough because I do feel sexual attraction sometimes. The notion of spectrum and not a box of water tight categories makes me feel relieved and accepted. Even if I feel sexually attracted, I am sure nobody from the community will come and judge me as being disloyal to asexuality. This community is making me realize that it is okay to not to feel like having sex or not having sexual attraction. This asexual community makes me realize there is something new and special in being a gray ace and not being from the shade of any binary colors! It’s okay to be in between!”

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